Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parma Card Show Goodies

The Parma Town Mall card show wasn't as good as usual, but attendance is down at most of the shows in this area. I still managed to find several items of interest to me.

These packs were marked $2 but were in a 50% off bin. I could only find two packs but did end up with some HOF 'ers. There are four Tribe cards in the set, none in these packs, but I already have them anyway. I had never seen these in unopened packs before.

1993 Diamond Marks by Barry Colla Productions. These were licensed as bookmarks, hence the
book design on the back. There are 120 different player bookmarks.I'm not sure about the "Test Issue" marked on the outside of the wrapper. There were promos issued but they were supposed to have "1993 Prototype" printed on the left end on the back of the card. Anybody know any more about this ?

I also watch for historical baseball events on cards. I found this 2010 T-206 commemorating the first minor league game under the lights. July 8,1909 in Grand Rapids, Mi.

I'm a sucker for team logo cards, decals and stickers too. I have a small album dedicated to them.

Now we're were getting to the good stuff ! Carlos Santana Chrome Rookie card and Jason Heyward Chrome Refractor rookie. Not really interested in the Braves or Heyward but I couldn't pass it up for a buck. Anyone interested in this card ?

Next comes Grady. There are always plenty of his cards but usually overpriced.

$1.00 for the refractor, $.50 for the others !

Jason Donald Chrome refractor rookie and a black border Asdrubal Cabrera triple play card.

I actually got to see that triple play on live tv.

I also like the retro player sets. Sometimes I wish I had lived back in those days when guys played because they loved the game and just to get rich. I'm sure some still love the game today but it's just not the same.

These gold and black SP Legendary Cuts don't photograph real well but I do like the cards.

Dizzy Dean on top with Smokey Joe Wood and Johnny Vander Meer below.

Black framed Choo mini was a great find for me along with a Ted Williams Card Co. Davey Johnson. That's one set I would like to complete.I need to get a want list up. That's part of my "master plan " for this year.

I already had one of these too, but for $.50 I thought I needed another.I'm not sure how these holographic cards came to be, but they appear to have been a give-a-way at one time.

This was a stadium give-a-way in 1998.

There is one vendor who shows up at most of the major shows selling packs from boxes, full unopened boxes and other misc. items. He also has tubs of "junk" wax for $.25 / 5- $1.00.
I always search his tubs for hidden treasures. Never have found any real treasures, but a lot of interesting stuff. The following is what I found on this trip.

This was a team bag with about 20 misc. cards. We've all seen these before. They put a couple decent cards on the top and bottom with mostly junk in between ! Well, the 1984 Fleer team logo sucked me in. Very little inside to get excited about.

Well, that's it for the card show. We did have a good time the whole day. The card show was only about 20 min. from the Indians Tour event, so it wasn't really out of the way.

Now I just have to open the other packs !


  1. I love refractors. If no Braves fan wants the Heyward, I'll take it.
    Check out my blog: http://just-in-justinsworld.blogspot.com

  2. Great stuff! I need to remember to grab some unopened packs when I go to card shows. I always skip that.

  3. Night Owl - Back when Thome was first traded Phily Topps had a Tranactions insert.I got a dual jersey version in a pack from that same guy!

    cubsfan731 - If nothing else I have two cards on your most wanted list.I'll be in contact with you.

  4. Did you happen to get any of the 4 Colorado Rockies in those Diamondmarks packs? If so, and you are interested in doing a trade email at hiflew(at)yahoo(dot)com. Perhaps we could work out a bigger trade as well.


  5. hiflew - Yes I have Galarraga and Bichette. I'm preparing 6 packages to go out tomorrow. I'll check out you want lists and contact you for sure !