Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drinking Tribe Style

Thorzul will rule handed out an assignment on Thursday.
(I feel like I'm back in school !).
Here's my crack at it.

Cleveland Indian Cups

Ok, I already failed the course. This is not an actual soda, pop or carbonated drink cup.
I only wish I had had the foresight to mark a date on the bottom of the cups when I got them.

Another broken rule, I think this came from Good Will. 1995

3 for 3 on rules ! I just bought this cup today at a store going out of business. 2009

This one only half broke the rules. It came from the stadium but it didn't come with pop !!

Another purchased mug. ( Am I going to lose my right to blog ? )

Another non non - alcoholic beverage cup. 2001

Here we go ! This is what he really wanted to see ! 2001

100 hundred years of Tribe baseball 2001 #2 of 3

100 years of Tribe baseball 2001 #1 of 3

Go Tribe !! 2000

American League Champions 1999
American League Champions 1998
Progressive Field 2008

Progressive Field 2008

Slider in the HOF 2008

This mug actually didn't come with a drink.
It came with nuts, to make you thirsty so you'ld buy a drink !

This was also a Good Will item.

Well, that was only a few of them. I have more packed away in several places due to lack of display area. Hope to have a bigger room someday.

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