Monday, September 28, 2009

These Tribers are for the Birds

More specifically, Oriole birds. Even more specifically, Beardy's Orioles.
I had yet to make any deals or trades with "The Bearded One" but thanks to him, I now have my first Obak Indians.

These cards are very interesting with the little tidbits of information on the back.
Like, I did not know (or forgot - good possibility at my age !), that Herb Score was both, the 1954 MiLB Player of the Year and American Association MVP !

Al Rosen was the 1947 Texas League MVP.

Then there is Carlos Santana, who was named the 2009 Eastern League MVP, playing for the Eastern League Champion Akron Aeros. ( That part wasn't on the card because it just happened : ).

Beardy also sent two shiny, chrome Tribesmen.
Well, 1 Triber and 1 ex-Triber. Lee's an Indian on the card though, so that's OK.

How about Sandy Alomar for manager ?!!

Thank you Beardy, for the great Tribe cards and some Orioles will be flying your way soon!!

If I build it, will you come?


  1. Great post. It was great that we destroyed the Orioles and all. But last night we went back to the losing ways. I am an mlblogger at and I would like it if you would come over and comment. I just posted a new post. Thanks!! ;-)

  2. Great stuff!! I keep heading for the Obak's at our local wally world, but havent been able to make myself buy some... i may have to now!!