Friday, September 18, 2009

Should I start trading football for baseball ?

Little known facts : I have approximately 5000 football cards, 2000 basketball cards and a smattering of hockey and other non-sport cards lying around taking up space.I don't actually collect any of those items, they just seem to accumulate over time.

A couple weeks ago Big D, over at Hey that's mine, was looking for a Lester Hayes football card he had owned as a young collector and was trying to find another copy. The majority of my football cards are from the late 80's and early 90's along with some newer and some older ones. I thought I just may have the card he was looking for so I dug out my boxes and started searching.Well, I did find two Hayes cards, but not the specific one he was searching for. He was interested in them anyway so I sent them on their way to a new, happier home. I wasn't expecting or asking for anything in return as they were just two meaningless cards to me. Plus, if he was collecting football, he probably wouldn't have much I was interested in anyway. However, I discovered Big D also collects baseball cards and today I received a nice package from him.When I saw the return address, I remembered the name, but for the life of me I could not remember what trade it was! When I opened it and saw his note, it all came back. "Thanks for the Lester Hayes cards. Big D".

This was one of my favorites in the stack : Omar doing one of his patented, acrobatic double plays.

I liked those uniforms too. Very sharp and clean looking.

Big D also included all these cards, several of which I do need.

Thank you very much for the great cards.
I'll have to check your want lists!

If I build it, will you come?


  1. I'd be into some of the football cards depending on what you've got. I'm collecting two sets you may have stuff from (1999 upper deck mvp and 1996 select certified edition). I also collect some specific players, including Seneca Wallace, Michael Bishop, Josh Cribbs, Shaun King, Tim Hasselbeck, Aveion Cason and David Carr.

    Got anything in that neck of the woods?

  2. Mid to late 90's is probably not too good for me,but I'll check and let you know. Thanks for askin'!

  3. haha yeah I guess that might limit you to some of the players. But hey, whatever you've got, I might be interested!

  4. I'm glad you liked the cards I sent and that you didn't already have them all. I'd definately be interested in more football, I've got a list of players my son and I collect on my blog. Thanks again.