Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chris is OK

The Jake at night.

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Chris OK,who had noticed a comment I left on another blog. He said he had some Tribe cards he thought I would enjoy more than him and wanted to send them to me. It didn't take long for me to send him my address !! I'm always up for receiving Indian cards and I always have something in return.

Chris' package started out with some 2007 Upper Deck base cards.
Marte, Shoppach and Peralta.
I needed the Jhonny P.

Then things got a little more interesting !
2008 Carmona OTG, I have this one, but it is a nice card.
2007 Hafner OTG, have it too.....wait a minute...Travis is facing the wrong way ! He has at least 2 cards in this set. I had the RBI card but Chris sent the HR leader card I didn't have!
2008 Topps Heritage Minnie Minoso, I remember watching him play on b&w tv when I was youngster. Definitely need this one.
2009 Topps TR 50 Tris Speaker - another keeper.

Grady,Grady,Grady,Grady,Grady and Grady !!
2008 Topps TCHC20 1948 Swell Gum Sport Thrills ,nice,very shiny!
2008 Topps Chrome TCCP22 , another beauty.
2007 Upper Deck Triple Play scratch - off x 2
2007 Topps AS
2008 Stadium Club
2009 Topps Heritage
What a nice selection of cards, thank you very much Chris !
Many of these went right into my albums.

If I build it,will you come?

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