Monday, September 7, 2009

Identical Packs From Motherscratcher - Pack Searcher?

Motherscratcher, just what have you been up to ? You sent me all these great,old packs but you know what's inside, don't you !?
The first thing you have to realize is, that this is all in fun ! (I hope)

This is what I found when I opened the first two packs of 1992 Fleer.
Every single card was the same and in the same order. And some people think collation is bad today.

This is what makes me think you're up to something ! 16 packs (not counting Comic Ball), 211 cards and I only get 6 Tribe cards !!
I've got you on this one. I know what you're up to.
You are an Indians fan and don't want to give up any more Tribe cards than you have to.
I know I have to be careful here. Knowing your profession,you probably do a lot of dental work for doctors, lawyers, FBI agents,NCIS, CSI and maybe even the President.
I'm pretty sure you probably had some of those high tech people (that Abby can do anything with computers!) fix up one your x-ray machines so you can see every card in each pack without opening it.You missed that Babe Ruth though didn't 'ya! Ha! That was probably the last pack you checked, the gold leaf probably took out your machine !!

Seriously, these old packs were a lot of fun. Back then nobody wanted Indian cards so they didn't have many !

There were a few ex or yet-to -be Tribe players too.
Brett Butler,Denny Martinez, Ron Hassey,Omar Vizquel,Jeff Kent,Dennis Eckersley

Cal, The Babe,Carlton and Chipper

The "BAGMAN" with his cool pop-ups, Kirby Puckett,HOF ' er Rickey Henderson and a Cyber Stats Paul Molitor.

Classic Randy Johnson and the real Roger Clemens

Nolan Ryan and Tweety x 2 ( how was the hologram on the x-ray?)

Jim Abbott is a player I collect outside of the Tribe.
And Reggie trying to out run the Road Runner!

Last but not least, Bob Tewksbury, which goes very well with my autographed ball !

Well that was fun!! Thanks so much for everything.I haven't checked all the wrappers yet but I did need the Turkey Red hobby version you threw in !!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe those Fleer packs! I've seen packs from back then that had overlap, where there would be runs of cads in the same order in different packs. But, I've never seen duplicate packs before.

    Giving you packs that had no Tribers in them so I could keep them all for myself is DEFINATELY something that I would do. There is no question. However, there is one major flaw in your theory.

    I am WAY too lazy to even attempt something like that. I can provide phone numbers of everyone I know if you need documentation. Or just ask around the Blog People. They'll tell ya.

    I hope you enjoyed the cards. I can't believe how fast they got there.

    BTW, I got your package last week. I will get some posts up about them as soon as I get posts up abot other stuff I had already gotten. And, I will get those posts up as soon as I wake up from my nap.