Monday, September 14, 2009

Clunkers to and from Fan of Reds

A few weeks ago the innovating female minds over at Dinged Corners transferred the auto industries "Cash for Clunkers" into "Cards for Clunkers". At least that's where I first saw it. Since then, many bloggers have cashed in on the idea. And why not? It was a terrific plan ! Thanks for the idea.

One of the latest to jump in was Fan of Reds over at Nachos Grande. I just put a package for him in the mail today and received one from him also! The three cards above were among his clunkers and I staked a claim on them. Why, you ask, does a Tribe fan want Mantle cards? Well, first, they're all chrome and shiny! Second, I grew up in the sixties and "The Mick" was one of my heroes.

When the neighbor kids all got together to play ball, everyone wanted to be Mickey Mantle. Do kids still have that much imagination these days? I used to take a piece of chalk and draw a square on the side of our concrete block garage. That square would be the strike zone. I would be the Cleveland pitcher, maybe Jim "Mudcat" Grant. We would be in Cleveland playing the "hated " NY Yankees! Standing back a ways, I would try to throw a pitch into the square for a strike. Richardson, Howard, Boyer,Maris, none of those guys could hit me ! Even if I missed the square, they would swing and miss be out. But Mantle, that was different story. Of course, he never hit a HR off me unless we were so far ahead it didn't make any difference. But he did get some base hits. So that's why I save Mantle cards. I don't actively collect his cards but I save them when I run across or pull them out of packs.I don't have any originals. I had an orange 1960 Topps All-Star card as a kid, but it's long gone.That was the only Mantle card I ever had. Now, before I go " girly" and get all emotional, let's move on.

Fan of Reds other clunker is a Fausto Carmona x- fractor, another card with a lot of shine. He also sent the following Tribe cards along with the clunkers.

There are a couple or three more that I need in that group.

Thank you very much for the clunker trade. I hope you enjoy your cards as well !!

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