Sunday, September 6, 2009

Package from the Frozen North

This is another post I'm a little behind on. My apologies go out to Capt. Canuck who sent this package south.

It starts with several wrappers. I had the A&G's but the 2008 Timelines was a hobby version I didn't have. My retail version was blue in color. Color makes it a different wrapper as does material. Among others there are wax, cello, white vinyl (Target) and silver foil (Walmart and others). The number of cards per pack and price labeling are also factors. The Victory and All-Star Classics wrappers I have, had prices printed on the wrapper. The ones the Capt. sent probably came from sealed boxes and had no marked prices, so they go into my collection.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed the Fleer Star Stickers wrapper, but I also needed the Donruss. I was a little surprised there. Thanks for the new additions !!

The good Captain also sent a stack of 1987 Donruss Tribe cards.Although I may have most of them I haven't checked yet. Then there were 3 unopened packs.

First a 1991 Donruss with Triber Sandy Alomar. Also Barry Bonds and Barry Larkin.

And an autograph! On the puzzle piece, Perez. Well, maybe an almost facsimile, sort of like block lettering name.

Next, 1990 Fleer. A nice Chief Wahoo logo card and Ken Griffey Jr.

Finally 1991 Fleer. Those bright yellow icons you can always see in a box on an ebay auction.
"Up for auction is this box of over 300 baseball cards almost 40 years old.Completely unsearched.Who knows what treasures you might find !" Yeah, right .
I did find find a Brook Jacoby and a White Sox logo (looks more like a Black Sox logo.)
Also a very young looking Curt Shilling

Thank you very much for the package Capt.Canuck. There was a Tribe card in every pack ! Which convinces me even more that Motherscratcher is a " pack searcher" ! LOL But that is my next post !!

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