Saturday, May 9, 2009

Masterpiece - Converting to sets ?

Sets, players or teams ?

What is the best way to collect?

Obviously, any or all of the above is the best answer. Along with all the other possibilities.There are so many ways to start a collection of sports cards, which is one thing that makes it so much fun. I have never been a big set builder myself. I stick mostly to Tribe cards which is more than enough to try and keep up with. I do like the thrill of the chase though, and once in a while a set comes along that catches my eye.1997-98 Pinnacle Inside and 1998 Leaf 50th Anniversary are two of them.

More recently Upper Deck Masterpieces has become a new challenge. I just purchased a Target blaster of 2007 Masterpieces, at half price, which included the following:

A couple Tribers , former President Clinton who threw out the first pitch at then Jacob's Field and " Pronk" who we hope will someday soon get back to his old form.

The "Wizard", half way through his famous back flip, and another former President, JFK.

Going a little farther back in history we have "The Bambino" and the "Big Train".These cards of the historic players are the ones I really like.

I'll be adding this set to my checklist ( I have about 1/3 of the base set with no SP's ) along with the 2008 set of which I only have about 15 cards .One I do have is an Ozzie Smith framed silver 02/25. Pictured at the top.

If you have any to trade let me know !


  1. I have lots of Masterpieces to trade from '07 and '08. Let me know what you need exactly.

  2. ny_hitnam_23 ,I just posted a want list. Could you please send me an email with your wants and needs.

  3. I love these full sets--they are much more satisfying than players or teams because they are so small. I have a few 07s and a TON of 08 cards if you're interested. Feel free to check my tradelist and you can have anything that you need. They're stuck in boxes at the moment but I'll be able to pull them for you in the next few days and send them out.