Thursday, May 21, 2009

Masterful trade and a PERFECT game

Ed over at Roll out the Barrel, was one of several who answered my call for Upper Deck Masterpieces.

There was a nice stack of '08 Masterpieces along with ....

another nice stack of Tribe cards. Many of which I needed for my collection! Especially the shiny chrome Kobayashi.Thank you very much !!

Thanks to Ed and several other readers my 2008 set will be nearly complete already.(then I'll start on the parallels)

On another note,the Tribe has come alive ! At least they're breathing better. Two wins in a row. Also a perfect game in Akron by Aeros pitcher Jeanmar Gomez.


  1. Excellent cards and awesome Tribe!

  2. Glad you liked the cards.

    I received yours today. Thanks for the trade!