Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cy Young Winners and why I'm Baseball Dad

Cy Young Winners C.C. and Cliff

Last year at one of the Tribe games we got a "Cy Cy" Sabathia bobblehead.Who would have thought we would get another winner this year ! Last night we got a Cliff Lee bobblehead to go with C.C. (don't really want to talk too much about the game itself !)

We did have good seats though. The two guys standing in the center are why I'm known as "BASEBALLDAD" . Josh,24, on the left and Andy,21, on the right. We've been going to Tribe games and collecting baseball cards together for 16-18 years now. Our seats were right at the railing, almost field level, down the lf line.We could have shook hands with Ben Francisco! We all had gloves but only one ball came anywhere near us and it was caught by, get this, a beer vendor in his strapped on ice chest !! He gave it to a lady close by who tried to grab it right out of his cooler. Probably would have lost his job if he tried to keep it anyway. Then, in between innings, some jerk came down and stole the helmet that the ball boy left on his stool on the side line. He left his glove and helmet while he went back to the dugout. After he came back and found his hardhat missing, he kept the next and last foul ball that rolled down the line.

Prior to the game there was a short ceremony to swear in a group of young people enlisting.That brought a lot of cheers from the crowd. (More than the Tribe got all night !) I do have a lot of respect for them.

Some stretching and running for Grady. He was pretending to be on base watching the pitcher. Then he would take off like an attempted steal.

Of course there was the hot dog race ! Ketchup usually wins and is in the lead here, but Onion came out of nowhere and passed Mustard and Ketchup for a victory.

Here you go Nightowl ! Keep an eye on your email, I've got several shots for you !

Here,K-Wood tried to hold it together but it was too far gone before he got there.Then the Tiggers got the brooms out this afternoon. I still have faith ! I'm waiting to order my World Series tickets !


  1. Cool. I'll be catching up on my email tomorrow.

  2. Awesome! I am living out my Indians home-game dream vicariously through you and your "kids!" :-)