Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dealing with a NY Hitman

No, I'm not looking to "rub out " anyone. I do want to keep on good terms with Steve at ny_ hitman_23 though. Not a blogger yet but he does have a profile on Blog Spot. Obviously, a Mattingly collector, and also a Pirates fan but he lives right here in Ohio! A little place called Howard, down near Columbus.Howard would also be the hometown of Duane at Democratic Roadkill , another baseball card collector and blogger.Steve , David at Indians cards and then some and another Steve at White Sox Cards were among the first to start following my blog.

ny_hitman_23 saw my plea for Masterpiece cards and sent me a huge stack along with huge stack of Tribe cards.

Nearly 200 cards in all , below are some of the highlights. Sorry about the bad photos.We tried one of those "energy efficient" bulbs here in the den. The lighting is ok but not so good for photos. I'll have to make a change of some sort here.

A couple Victors including a green framed version.

Victor in a different pose along with A. Cabrera .

Some old heroes and some new.

At left, a less common shot of Bobby Thompson being carried off the field as opposed to the usual " shot heard 'round the world" home run ball. Yaz leading the Bo Sox in the '67 series on the right.

Three state cards with Sizemore,Blake and Pronk.

A Fausto / C.C. Co-Signers #'d 231/400 and a Hafner blue refractor.

Joshua Rodriguez blue auto 23/500 and Chrome Grady Sizemore copper refractor 476/599

Tom Mastny "52 Topps Rookie Auto

And last but, certainly not least, a black framed Jeremy Sowers auto.

Steve I can't thank you enough for these great cards !!


  1. Verrry nice.

    Those Strokes of Genius cards are always outstanding.

  2. Holy Smokes.....we have like 10 people that live in Howard and 2 of us have sent cards to you! That is amazing---of course now I have to find out who this hitman is!

  3. I'm glad you liked the cards! I'll be setting aside my Indians cards from now on.

    Duane, I thought for sure there had to be another Howard in Ohio somewhere. I believe you live just down the road from me as I'm in Apple Valley.