Saturday, February 7, 2009

VERY SMALL CARD SHOW with a hidden quiz !

Friday ,at lunch time, I went Sandusky Mall to get in my exercise. 3 brisk laps around the mall in about 30 min. ( daily ritual for type II diabetic ). They are having a sportscard/coin show this week-end. One coin dealer and two card dealers !! And one card dealer wasn't even there yet.The wonderful lady who runs the show, God bless her, is the widow of the gentleman who used to run it. I always stop and talk to her and she still has a few baseball and football cards. She also sells beanies and and few other items. In her box of packs @ 5/$1.00 I found 6 packs of 1993 Upper Deck Fun Packs.These really are fun packs . I already had a few of the cards at home and thought , since I still can't find '09 cards around here , I'll get these. I also picked out 3 1991 Upper Deck hologram team stickers marked $ .50 each. This set consists of 225 base cards including several subsets.The base player cards are grouped by team in alphabetical order.

Each team section starts with a "Glow Star" . It's actually a sticker that partially glows in the dark.

I turned out the light and took another photo. If you look reeeeal close , you can see the outline of Tom Glavine and some faint white areas on the left side.

This would be a regular base card. The bold color and designs make them stand out.

Cards 1-9 are "Stars of Tomorrow" . They were definitely right with this one !

#'s 10-21 were called "Hot Shots" . These cards are really cool ! (pun intended) I already had this card , which is actually from the 1994 set , but had to include it. It works on the same principle as the 1993 set. If anyone has any of these , I would be interested in trading.

For those not familiar with this card set , they are heat sensitive. This is the same card above , after holding it near a light bulb or heat source for 5-10 seconds. You can also hold your thumb on any of the black area in the background and that part of the card will change to the scene behind Smoltz. Just like the color-change hot wheels. In few minutes the background returns to black as it cools down. I love these things! I'm just a kid at heart. My wife always tells people she has 3 boys , 2 she gave birth to and 1 she married.

Speaking of kids , the next subset is " Kid Stars" #'s 22-27 . 25 cards of your favorite team or player to the first person who correctly identifies this player !

Cards 210-215 are " All-Star Advice " . What better star to give hitting advice but Tony Gwynn

This was a nice pull from these packs ! Cal Ripken Jr. "Foldout". Cards 216-220

There is one more subset , "Upper Deck Heroes " , cards 28-37 but I don't have any . The cards are in a comic art design and apparently are not titled on the cards themselves.

Finally , the "Checklists " #'s 221-225

There are also two inserts.

1-5 " Mascot Madness" which are color photos/holograms of 5 baseball mascots.

Last , but not least , is the final insert "All-Star Scratch-Off " .

These 9 cards unfold to a scratch-off baseball game with a line-up from each league.

All the cards show above came from the six packs I bought except for the "Hot Shot" which was a mail-in redemption in 1993.

These are the 3 hologram I purchased with the 6 packs. She only charged me $2.00 for all .


  1. My guess is Gary Sheffield. I think he was the NL batting champ in 1992 ?

  2. I forgot all about these cards! I never did actually buy any but I've got one or two packs in those repack boxes.

    And that is, indeed, Gary Sheffield.

  3. That Smoltz card is so cool. I love stuff like that!

    Give me a gimmick like that any day over a card that features hair of a dead person (or a living person, for that matter).

  4. We have a winner !! The correct answer is Gary Sheffield.Steve , I have tons of cards ,email me your address and favorite team or player and I will get some cards out to you !