Monday, February 9, 2009

The Tradin' Box

A couple weeks ago I sent an email over to Ike's Cards. I had a proposition for him. I get these nice little boxes at work , heater blower resistors come in them. Unfortunately those are a problem for some Chrysler products , and others as well , as I've heard from some of my technician friends. Well , they are a perfect size for sending a small quantity of cards , about 75 or so. I told Cuyahogabend I would send him a box of Cardinals and he could refill the box and send it back.He agreed and said to address it to his son Issac. I can never turn down sending cards to a youngster so I filled the box with a good mix of Redbird cards , old ,new and shiny too , and sent it to Illinois. They seemed to be pretty happy with what they got and today I received the box back ! Upon opening the box I was greeted by a big green , prehistoric dinosaur !
And a short and to the point message from Isaac. Things like this get to me a little as they remind me of our boys when they were young.It's nice to know that there are some parents out there who are still trying to "teach , your children well " as the song goes.

Well , the box was refilled with a terrific supply of Tribe cards !!
These are all some that I know I need and there are many more I will have to check on.

Need these ! I love the cards with emblems and logos.

Wow ! Fausto refractor , Victor X-2 and white border Turkey Red.

And oldies but goodies ! I have at least one Swell Greats Indian ,but not all of these.

This is the rest. The pile is a lot thicker than it looks. Everything from '90 Donruss to an '08 Topps Asdrubal Cabrera triple play highlight card. THANK YOU , ISAAC !!!

And this is the infamous "box" . If anyone else is interested in trading boxes of cards , let me know. It could be teams , players , certain brands or years. Whatever you're looking for ! I think I have a little of almost everything.


  1. Glad you liked what we sent. Isaac got a kick out of reading his name on the Internet. We'll have to do it again soon!

  2. Great !I'll have to see what else I can find !