Friday, February 6, 2009

Cleveland Baseball Card History

I have decided to embark on a new project. I'm going to do a study on early Cleveland Baseball cards. Obviously they won't all be Indians as that name didn't come about untill 1915. Cleveland became a member of the current American League in 1901 and were called the Blues. In 1902 the name was changed to the Cleveland Bronchos. 1903 brought another name change to the Cleveland Naps. That lasted until 1915. There were many different teams and leagues in the years before 1901 but I don't know what the first cards were yet.That will be my goal. Addie Joss , pitcher , Cleveland

1903 E107 Breisch-Williams

Year(s) Published: 1903-04
ACC Designation: E107
Set Name: Breisch-Williams
Card Size (inches): 1-3/8 x 2-5/8

Sponsored by the Breisch-Williams Company of Oxford, PA Historical set--first major baseball set of 20th century Black and white player photo with white margin Some images linked to M116 Sporting Life cards Obscure set with cards very difficult to find
A couple years ago I purchased a CD at the Beckett booth at the Nationals in Cleveland. It lists 40,000 Cleveland baseball cards and the above set is the earliest one. Are there any older ones ? That is what I want to find out.

Below are the 4 oldest cards in my collection. Not exactly gem mint 10's but not too shabby for 75-87 years old.
1922 E121 American Caramels

1934-36 R318 Nation Chicle Batter Up


  1. Very nice old cards.

    There are older Cleveland cards than the 1903 E107 series.

    But I won't spoil the fun of the hunt.

  2. Oh, man, I am drooling! I cannot wait to see where this all goes! In fact, I need to look in my collection to see just what the oldest Cleveland card I have...