Friday, February 27, 2009


It's been an up and down week for me. As an auto tech , business has not been real good for the last few months , although it does seem to be picking up.I really felt lousy early in the week but am much better now and also my wife got called for a job interview on Monday. She also has a birthday on Tuesday , over 49 and under 51 ! So , anyway , I stopped at "Wally World" on the way home tonight to look for a Topps black blaster (this was before I heard about the code #s on the black parallel boxes) and sure enough the base cards were all black-bordered.Looking around I also saw some Upper Deck packs ! Finally. I picked up 3 packs , one for each son and one for me. While waiting at a stoplight I couldn't resist and picked one pack to open.

Grady ! My first '09 UD base Tribe card.
I really liked this Lastings Milledge card also.With all the color in the background it just stuck out !

The gold/rare SQ Matt Holiday was nice too. But there was one really fat card in the middle !

Hey Sooz , got any Tribe relics to trade ?!

The Topps box rewarded me with a couple Tribers also.

Plus a couple Astro sticks , or as the cards says " BASH-STROS " Doesn't that term sound familiar ?

A lot of Braun and Mr. (W)right

An opposing battery that should be around for awhile.

Cole and Dice , another pair to remember.

Two gold cards ! Jon Lester and a very hefty looking Andruw Jones.

Lou Gehrig representing "Legends of the Game"
Chase Utley representing "Turkey Red"

These were the "power" of the ToppsTown cards.
The gold Ryan is nice.
And of course there was a patch card.
In case you're wondering what the patch card depicted on the side of the box look like ......

Wow , this was great ! I've always been an Indian fan and not real fond of the Yankees but
"The Oklahoma Kid"was always one of heroes growing up.
All of this did brighten up my week !

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