Sunday, February 1, 2009

Check the stats !

Homeruns 23 #1
RBI 89 #1
Extra base hits 69 #1
OPS .804 #1
Fielding % .979 #3
OBP .331 #5
Granted , he's no Omar Visquel on the field , but he plays a solid SS position. A lot of fans condemn the Indians for leaving him there and not putting Asdrubal Cabrerra in his place. But who was going to play second ? Barfield had yet to step up and take charge and Marte was up and down and all over the place at third. With what the Tribe had to work with , Jhonny Peralta filled in very well. Who knows what will happen this year with the the addition of Mark DeRosa. Peralta did do a decent job at third in the Dominican league this winter and his offensive stats for last year would rank pretty well for that position. So let's see what spring training brings and hopefully our Tribe will stay healthy and be more competitive this year !


  1. Yeah Pluto has a great article on the man with the misspelled name today. I've always been a fan of Jhonny, but I think he does belong at third. He's young enough, so we should use him at ss while he's spry enough to play the position.

  2. Yeah , obviously ,that's where the basic info came from.I thought there might be some readers who didn't see it and would like the stats. I wouldn't be surprised to see him at 3rd in spring training for at least a trial.