Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Strangest Pack of Cards Ever ?

So, I guess this doesn't really look so strange, huh ?

Of course, it does say  ' Special Edition ' !
And all the way from Portugal.

Yep, Ana Lu sent me this 1995 Collector's Choice pack that was destined for a Cleveland Indians fan.
Here's what was inside.

Cool huh !?
All Indians !!

Oh, wait.

That's only seven cards.

The wrapper says twelve cards.
And isn't that last one from 1998 ?

How could that be in a 1995 pack ?

You don't think dear, sweet Ana Lu
 would set me up do you ?

But now that I think about it,
the pack did open up pretty easily !

Hey, thanks Ana, for the great cards !
I did need some of the Special Editions !


  1. I think we all need some Special Editions. I think the fact that a card in the pack used a delorian and somehow traveled back in time from 98 to 95 makes this pack more than special. Makes it rare :)

  2. Never figured Ana to be a pack searcher ;-)

  3. I was sending you the cards and I thought to add the pack since you also collect them. So I put the cards inside the pack, so you could feel like opening the pack to get the cards =P
    I put together the Indians I got from the '95 CC and the rookie card from '98 CC too.
    I don't get too many Indians. I suffer from the same thing about my Yankees lol
    Sooooooo I'm braking the time travel spell ;)

  4. Very cool. What a nice gesture Ana.