Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trade time with Arpsmith, Dutch Card Guy, Reader Mark, Night Owl, Angels in Order, Nachos Grande, The Other World, Red Sox In Nebraska

When I started this blog 5 1/2 years ago, I never dreamed it would add so many new friends and Indian baseball cards to my life.  My many thanks to all of you !!

I don't really like to combine trade posts, but I have received so many packages lately that I need to, to get caught up. I have a huge stack of Tribe cards I need to sort and put away so I can update want lists and continue to work on return packages ! All the generous bloggers and readers listed here sent many more cards than pictured. I appreciate every one of them, but just don't have time to post each one. Plus, it may not be very interesting  to anyone but the one who sent the cards !
 So here we go !

Thanks to Adam for these great cards.
I especially like the Fellers, the Nagys 
and the Fun Pack Manny!

I never thought I would run into
 a baseball card collector in the Netherlands !
We have traded several times and he always
finds terrific Indian cards for me !

Thanks Jeroen !

Reader, Mark H.

I once made a random comment on another blog.
A.J. had received some nice vintage cards from Mark,
and I, half jokingly, said " I wonder if he has any Indians !".
The next thing I know I'm receiving an email from Mark !
And he did have some duplicate Indians.

Thanks Mark !
This really helped my 70's collection !

If you are reader or writer of a baseball card blog,
and don't know Night Owl, you can't be living on this planet !
He comes up with some amazing posts, his mind never seems to stop.
I love the blue Choo, the black Laffey and the minis !
Thanks, and keep up the good work !

Tom sent a note on the back of his business card :
"We haven't traded in a while.."
He's right. There are so many blogs out there,
 it's hard for an old man like me to keep track !

Terrific Albert Belle, minis and more Bob Feller !
And a Brantley partial rainbow, 
even if they are different years !
Thanks Tom, great cards !

Trade stacks !
Most of you know how this works.
If not check out his blog !
I pulled the trigger when he put up a Richie Ashburn.
I don't really collect him, but I have a 
Richie Ashburn model baseball glove from my youth,
so I grab one once in a while.

But Chris went a bit farther.

He knows I also collect wrappers.
They are all in albums but I have no want list.
That's a retirement plan !
I am in need of most Hobby Versions and 
high end wrappers and small boxes though. 

If the minis look a little unusual, they are !

An on card auto !
These were produced by a friend of his.
Great Idea !!

Thanks Chris for the cards and wrappers ! 

The Other World

Dan sent a nice assortment of Tribe cards.
I especially like the chrome Kipnis.
He's becoming one of my favorite players.
I wish I could have been around to see Doby play !

Thank you very much Dan !

And last, but not least,

Red Sox Fan in Nebraska 

Brad and I have done several  trades over the past year or so.
He came up with some great inserts, a slightly hard to find mini,
a great Standing "O"  Vizquel and I love the Prizm Bourn !

Thanks Brad !

And thanks everyone for all the trades.

I hope to have more packages going out tomorrow !!


  1. Glad to help out the collection. Enjoyed the cards you sent in return. Love the blog

  2. Those are some great cards. Congrats on obtaining some great Indians cards.

  3. Glad you got the cards, I always enjoy what you send my way as well.

  4. Glad they arrived safely, thanks again for the trade !

  5. You collect wrappers!? I'll admit I considered this years ago but decided not to. I do scan a wrapper from each kind of card I buy but the wrappers go in the trash.