Sunday, August 31, 2014

Had to check, yep, blog's still here !

This has been a crazy summer. Lot of things going on. Tribe is making their move toward the World Series. My son and his family is moving back home from Illinois. He is taking a sports writer position with the Ashland Times Gazette. Only 30 minutes from here, that's makes Grandma and Grandpa very happy !!

My desk and whole baseball room is in shambles right now, from lack of attention. I need to get on track and get back to work so I have to clear away the trade packages and get other packages sent out.

So from Adam, at My Cardboard Mistress , I present these great Tribe cards.

Bob Feller, from the cards that never were.
One of the few players to spend their entire career with one team.

Bert Blyleven
Who would have guessed that one of his best season performances ever came with the Cleveland Indians !
12 complete games
2.87 era
170 K's

Albert Belle has been getting a little move love the last couple of years.
Maybe people are starting to forget or forgive some of his antics from the mid 90's !

A couple great sliding / diving catches from 2009 Upper Deck.

Cliff Lee
 Emerald Super Rare Star Quest

Jim Thome 
Liqueur fractor

Trevor Bauer
He is finally starting to come around and looking like the pitcher we hoped he would be.

Corey Kluber
What a force he has become !
Although he last two starts were a little shaky. 
Hope he is just tired and not hurt !

Jason Kipnis
One of my favorite players.

Is anyone collecting these chips ?
I definitely want to get all the Indians but I'm also putting together a collection of all the different types.
The number of variations  is mind blowing.

Thanks Adam, for the great cards !

I'll try not to stay away so long !



  1. You are back from the dead! YAY!

  2. Great write-up! I can't even remember if I have any Tribe chipz... Hmm.. Will have to check for myself!