Sunday, June 22, 2014

Team Logos, Before Wahoo Disappears !

It looks like Chief Wahoo's  long time reign as the symbol of the Cleveland Indians is going to come to an end. I have mixed emotions about it, but I am not of American Indian descent, and may feel differently if I was.It would be nice if they could modify the image somehow to make it acceptable to both sides.

Logo cards have long been part of our cardboard baseball team collections and here are few of mine.

These are Fleer cloth stickers from from 1968-72

These are die-cut so the center section
 with team and logo can be peeled off.

The top and left stickers are from 1984.
The one on the right has part of a 
puzzle picture in the back, year unknown.
Possibly 1982.

Lower left sticker is on the back
 of 1980 Fleer Famous Feats card.

The other two, again are die-cut and come from 1984

These are from 1982 and also
 have puzzle pieces on the back

No year on these either.
Bottom sticker cards come with
 various team combinations.

I do know these are from 1991 !

Bright blue logos from 1989.

The mini logo year is unknown.
The other three are from 1991.

Some of the newer logo cards.

On the right from 1999 is 
Upper Deck Victory
2001 Topps  on the left.

Finally, one I know very little about.
It has a Genuine MLB Merchandise logo.
Produced by U-Seal-It,
Gardena ,Ca.

That's pretty much it for my Tribe logo collection. If you have any you don't see here, you know I'm always up for a trade. If you have any further info on any of these, it is greatly appreciated !!

Thanks for reading !!


  1. It is a shame that long established ball clubs, like the Redskins, and I guess the Indians now have to change something that IS NOT offensive in anyway, really. Soon my Braves too I guess and a few others. I have quite a bit of Indian in me I think 18.75% -25%, (Native American) I wish that people (all people) would just be HAPPY, live love, laugh and play with baseball cards, LOL. I wish that the Braves still had Chief NoKahoma (not sure how it was spelled back in the day) instead of the ball guy mascot, hey who knows maybe the cows will be offended and we have to quit making balls from leather, clothes too, lol.

    1. I'll admit the old Indian logo, from the 40's was a bit much, but I basically agree.

  2. Some people are upset nowadays if they are NOT offended by something. I think the big problem is that the minority that are upset by these types of things are much louder than those that are not bothered by it or in fact embrace it. Busybodies of the 20th century caused prohibition which directly led to the rise of organized crime. What will be the result of the busybodies of the 21st century? Perhaps the "thought police" from the imagination of Orwell is on the way just a little later than 1984.

    Sorry to get all deep, but this is a hot button issue with me.

    BTW, Chief Wahoo will ALWAYS be the Indians logo in my book. That new nondescript C is just so boring.

  3. One can't help but wonder if teams will cease to have anything but their town name when all is said and done. It will just be "The team from Cleveland" or "The Pittsburgh ballclub." My wife's ancestors were native to this land and when I asked them about all this, they said, "Who cares? It's just a sports logo." Exactly.

  4. Chief Wahoo will be missed. One of my favorite logos of all-time!