Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who could not want this !! ??

I'm  pretty sure anyone who is reading this would definitely want it.

I'm a die-hard Indians fan but I still want it.

Even my wife knew I would, she bought it for me !
(Love you dear !)
Today was her day off so she went shopping with her girlfriend.

Both of our sons may want it but they will have to fight over it when I'm gone.

So what would you do with something like this if you didn't want it ?

Well, you could just throw it in the trash.

You could give it to a deserving baseball fan.

Of course, you could sell it.

Or you could let someone sell it for you.

Like Goodwill Industries.

If you know me you should have known where this was headed !

Wrigley Field. 100 year celebration bobble head series.
The price : $1.29.  All original packaging, perfect condition.

" Let's play two ! "



  1. Are you saying that she found this at Goodwill? Ever since you posted some Goodwill stuff awhile ago I've been hanging around the 2-3 Goodwill stores near me. I haven
    t found anything baseball related. I've gotten a few good $1 CDs but no baseball!

    1. Yep !! I've found a lot of baseball related items there over the years, but not every time I stop by. They usually send sports cards to their online auction site but the shipping is so high it's not usually worth the price. mostly commons


  2. Wait. I'm sorry. The decimal place was after the 1 and before the 2? You mean like... a little over a dollar? That can't be!

    Man... I'm always saying that my wife is trying to win "Wife of the Year", but after this find by your wife it will mean mine will be an "also ran."

  3. Wow. Awesome purchase. My Goodwills never have anything this cool... and if and when they do, I'm sure it won't be priced like that.