Sunday, March 3, 2013

This must happen to everyone once in a while.

You know, you're just walkin' down the street and a gorgeous woman is approaching.

You make eye contact and she stops and walks right up to you.

She asks if you'd like to go out some time.....

Whoa, wait a minute,

Wrong story !!

(what really happened)

 Actually, several months ago I received an email from a reader in New York. Peter was getting back into collecting after a long hiatus, just like many of us have done. We traded some thoughts and ideas back and forth and he was going to start sorting out his cards.

He sent another email, when he was done sorting, and wanted to know if I was interested in some Tribe cards.

Is that a trick question ?
Do dogs chase cats ?
Does Nightowl like '75 Topps ?

Sure, I'll take any Tribe cards any time !
Peter also mentioned something about a book, but I had completely forgotten about that.

So the other day I received this box in the mail.
Not just your ordinary box,


 but a very stuffed full box !
Upon opening the box, I discovered that Peter shops at one of my favorite stores.
This book was on the other side of the price sticker.
This was published in 2009 but I do not remember seeing it.
I'm sure it was in area book stores, but I'm sorry, I very rarely pay the price for a brand new book.

This is an excellent mini-history of Cleveland baseball
and it will get a lot of use!

The foreword was by Bob Feller,
the preface by Rick Manning,
and covers the Tribe through the 2007 season.
This is really a great addition to my library.
But, there was more !

There was also a Fairfield repack box full of Indian cards.

Most were commons, but there was this pair of Santanas.
And some old HOF'ers.

A yet to be HOF'er.

And a very nice Hafner patch.
Kind of ironic that he now plays for Peter's team !
Looking through the rest of the cards, I discovered the Tribe did a lot of sliding.

And more sliding.

And more sliding !
Sometimes back to a bag,


and sometimes the other team was sliding !
Well, if Peter ever decides to try his hand at writing a blog, I'll be one of the first followers.
Thanks for the great book and cards and I hope you keep reading this and the other great blogs that are out there.



  1. Very cool package. Yeah if he starts a blog I'd like to follow it also. Great book I wonder if it was part of a set of "Yesterday and Today" books for each team?

    I didn't recognize Eddie Murray at first because his name is impossible to read at the small size and I'm soo used to seeing him as an O.