Saturday, March 9, 2013

Catchin' up with NIght Owl, CCC and Dutch Card Guy

I don't really like mixing trade posts, but I'm just getting too far behind !

I've been spending a lot of time sorting cards, to make filling trades easier.

That part is working.I sent out two packages today and have 9 stacks on my desk that will go out next week !

I actually have two packages from Night Owl.

 The first package had a couple oldie but goodies, with Travis Fryman and Cory Snyder.
Plus a rainbow of much appreciated parallels.
The base cards are easy, the parallels, a never-ending battle !
But I'll go down fighting.
The second package was a very wide assortment.
I've got mixed feelings about these cards.
Chief Wahoo just doesn't seem to look right on a card with a Dodger !
I pulled one of these myself, only it had a Yankee, I believe Whitey Ford.
It was nice of them to commemorate the AS game but....
Shiny !! This is more like it, even though he didn't last long in Cleveland.
Good news and bad here.
I needed the Vazquez but discovered I already had two Perez cards in my binder !
BTW, I still need :
15 Paul Byrd
     137 Aaron Boone
     138 Ben Brussard
          146 Jake Westbrook
      1056 Rafael Perez
           1059 Shin-Soo Choo
The old Bob Johnson trade !!
We sent minor leaguer Burnel Flowers to the Pirates for Bob.
A cool Opening Day card.
And some All-Time Fan Favorites from 2004
 Last but not least, a 2012 mini Sizemore,
may be one of his last cards.
Now for CCC
Carl Crawford Cards
Paul sent this great Minor League team set.
Why Colorado Springs, aren't they affiliated with the Rockies ?
That makes
From 1988 thru 1992 they belonged to the Indians.
Before that, the Hawaii Islanders !
Colorado Springs and the Pacific Coast League go back to 1904 !
The players names did not come out very well.
Here we have Jim Thome.
Steve Olin.
Charlie Manuel
I desperately needed Thome and Olin for my player binders !!
The cards are a lot better looking in person,
they are not very photogenic.
And now, from the land of wooded shoes,
The Dutch Card Guy !
Jeroen had mentioned he wanted to complete this Cut to the Chase set.
He had a duplicate Musial and I had a Jeter he needed.
I only needed one for my sample collection and it didn't matter who,
so we set up a trade.
But he sent more !
First some Chasing History cards I needed and a
Ted Williams Card Co. Sam Jethroe
I love the baseball history cards.
More SHINY !!
Ineeded both of these Bowman Platinum beauties !
Not sure what happened to Mark.
Three years in Cleveland minors.
One year with Royals.
Now seems to be a marketing manager.
A little more history and a nice parallel from 206.
And finally, two beautiful Emerald parallels!
Thanks so very much for all the great cards !!
If you have seen return packages yet, you will soon !


  1. I didn't know what to do with that Snider thing either. I figured with the giant Indian logo it just screamed "Indians" a lot more than "Dodgers."

  2. Great to hear you like them and they arrived safely! Thanks for the trade !