Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Rare" collectibles I found while reorganizing.

Well, either they're rare, or just no one wants them!

This time my "find" came at the 'Dollar General Store'. I've actually had these for about 2-3 years.

They came out in the early 2ooo's but I don't think I ever saw them in any stores or card shows.

Merrick Mint, Collectible Stamp Stickers.

I think they are kind of neat but they are one of those off the wall, oddball products. They sold for $5.00  new, but I paid, well... $1.00 per package. Nine cards, nine player stamps to match each card and two bonus stamps.

There were 7 different sets and I was lucky enough to find all of them, plus a couple extras. I bought all they had and searched other Dollar Generals, but never found any more. The one big bummer for me..... not a single Indian in the whole set !

So here they are for your viewing pleasure !
#1 is Derek Jeter
As you will see later, the figure of Jeter on the left, is actually a 2 1/4 x 4 3/4" sticker stamp.
It's called the "Colossal Series".
The Hideki Matsui, in the upper right corner, is a Rookie Star stamp.
Each package has a different  Matsui stamp.
Each package has a thin sheet with the stamp stickers and
a card stock page with the nine perforated player cards.
 Each card has a spot for the corresponding stamp.
#2 Alex Rodriguiz
#3 Normar Garciaparra
#4 Sammy Sosa
#5 Barry Bonds
#6 Mike Piazza
#7 Ichiro
Here you can see the "Colossal Series" stamp.
Here is one of seven different Matsui stamps.
Here is the Griffey stamp and the corresponding card below.
The Dollar General also had just one of these
 100th Anniversary Yankee sets.
There are 16 Yankee stamps but only 8 cards.
Unless they are printed on both sides.
All the other cards have blank backs.
I also have one other Merrick Mint item.
My wife bought these colorized quarters for me
 for Christmas a few years ago.
If you go to their website, they have many collectible items.
And if you were wondering what I was doing when I came upon these "lost" card sets,
just look below.
I have a corner, computer desk.
When I'm sitting at my desk, this bookcase is right behind my back.
Literally ! My baseball man cave is only about 8x12.
These albums contain the majority of my Indian cards from 1901-2013.
On top of the short bookcase is this handmade divided shelf.
(woodworking is my other hobby, I made both of these pieces)
The four 5K boxes hold :
Cards of HOF'ers
My sample card collection
Duplicate Indian cards
"My Collection" which includes all types of misc. cards and small sets that interest me.
The first two large albums hold all of my Topps Indians from 1952-2007.
By 2008, the number of non-Topps cards were so minimal, everything fits in one smaller album.
The next two large albums hold my Jim Thome Indian cards.
The two small white albums are Steve Olin and Joe Charboneau.
The last two black Albums are Jim Abbott and oddball sample cards.
The stamp sticker packages were sandwiched in between the misc. books on the left side.
Well, that's what I have been up to as of late.
Now I have to get back to getting some trade packages out
and some more trade posts !
Thanks for reading !
I have 2 extra,unopened A Rod packages
and 2 extra unopened Normar packs.
if anyone is interested  LMK.


  1. Dude, that is a most excellent binder arrangement you have there - good for you! I have all my Twins in binders as well, but I'm in dire need of subdividing a few of the binders that have gotten dangerously full as I've picked up cards over the months.

  2. That is a sweet setup. If only I could be that organized.

  3. Great find! Your room sounds like it is set up a lot like mine! Haha, who would have guessed, right?