Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Sticka's, Opening Day amd a little Heritage

Stopped at Target tonight hoping for some Opening Day, which I found, but was also surprised by the new sticker album too!

Picked up a pack of Heritage while I was there, looking for red Indian parallels.

I did pull a red parallel, but for the wrong team!
Opening day is OK. Once you've seen Topps, OD really isn't much of a surprise.
I do like the mascots, and the Superstar Celebrations card is pretty nice in person.
Here's my new sticker album for 2013.
The best part, it had a $1.00 off coupon attached to the front !
Two packs of stickers yielded two great HOF'ers.
Ted Williams and Johnny Bench!
You still get 6 free stickers with the album also.
The top, horizontal piece, goes to a sticker puzzle on the last page of the album.
Giants fans will love this !!
This is an accurate photo.
It's not glare from the lights, the pages are slightly fogged out where the stickers go.
Well this was just a quick look,
Pick some up and see what you think !!


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  1. I'd say it was a successful trip. I haven't seen the stickers yet but got a few packs of Opening Day.