Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yardsellr Tribe auto

I first became aware of  Yardsellr through Facebook. I checked it out and saw a lot of Indian cards I would like to have, so I signed up. I still don't know or understand all of the ins and outs of the whole system, but you can get a very sweet deal if you have enough points  and are patient in buying.

You receive points when you sign up, sometimes other members just give you points and there are other venues for obtaining even more points. The trouble is, your point total is constantly decreasing, so you have to use them quickly or lose them all.The points give you discounts on the items that the members are selling. Many items are sold with free shipping.

This is what I bought :

2010 Topps Finest Michael Brantley rookie auto letter patch.
The seller was asking $15.00 with free shipping. I had a humongous amount of points at the time so I clicked on the "Buy it now" button, which doesn't commit you to buy, but it shows the price you have to pay, and it said I owed $3.19 !!
I thought what ? You have to be kidding. This was my first attempt at buying so I really didn't know exactly what I was doing and I thought I had made some kind of mistake. I looked over the whole transaction and everything seemed to be in order so I hit the second "buy" button and it sent me to a transaction page where I sent the payment via Paypal.
Then I thought again, I sure hope it comes ! But I figured I'd only be out three bucks if it was a scam of some sort, and would consider a lesson learned. A week later it showed up in the mail !
I discovered you have to have a LOT of points to get a good deal. Most of the time I have around 2-300,000 points, which are worth about $3.00 and I can't even buy inexpensive items and get a good deal. It ends up costing more than what the seller was asking to begin with when Yardsellr adds in their fee. So I just "x" out of that item and forget it.
I did pick this item up a couple days later for another $3.00.
A 1993 Topps Stadium Club Series III  Member's Only boxed set.
There must be a lot of people who are too anxious to buy or don't understand the system at all, or Yardsellr wouldn't be making any money !
Check it out yourself but,
Caveat emptor !!

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