Sunday, September 16, 2012

Loot from JABO - a mis cut like I've never seen before!

I recently participated in a break over at JABO'S and and got some great Tribe cards along  with a stack of Angels that came as my random team.

But before I get to those, I want to talk about mis-cut cards. We've all seen them before, in one form or another. I even have a small collection of them.

This '89 Donruss Junior Ortiz is interesting in that it has no square corners.

Some are only slightly off while some,'85 Topps Nolan Ryan, are way off.
High end cards don't always escape either. 1994 Bowman's Best Kevin Mitchell is is out of shape in both directions!

Even some of the best loved sets, 1975 Topps Greg Luzinski, slip through the inspectors.
And another Hi Tech Topps Finest. If only Neifi Perez was a refractor.
Vicente Palacios, 1988 Donruss, has square corners but the the whole image is on an angle.
That brings me to Jabo's cards.
I don't know if he noticed this or not....
...but Carlos is Juuuussst a bit short !
About 1/16 on top and 1/8 on the bottom.
This was perfect though ,as I already have that Baerga card !
OK, here's the rest of the cards !

One stack of Tribe cards, one stack of Angels. Angels seemed to have  had better representation.


 Shiny Bowman's Best, All cut pretty well.

The Leaf Metal Manny Ramirez had a protective film over it but I always remove them if the card is going to stay in my collection.

I love the Topp Embossed. One of those quirky things from the 1990's.

A future hopeful and a couple blasts from the past. We need a couple like those two for next year.

This was a sampling of the Tribe cards.
Next, a sample of Angels.

Brian and Chuck are the gold Embossed versions.

As you can see, the film is still intact on these Metal Angels.

A big thanks to JABO for hosting this break !

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