Thursday, September 27, 2012

And now Sandy gets a chance.

It was bound to happen. Manny Acta is done as manager of the Cleveland Indians.

Sandy Alomar has been named interim manager.

Antonetti and Shapiro will stay on.

I think there should have been more changes a step higher.

The manager is always the first to go and we fans sometimes usually feel that was a mistake. But we don't anything about what went on behind the scenes. A manager isn't normally fired for removing a pitcher too early or too late, for not calling for a sacrifice bunt or not intentionally walking a power hitter.

Do you like your manager at work?
Does every one on your "team" like him (her)?
Does he (she) keep everyone motivated?
Does he (she) see and solve differences between team members before they become problems?

The list can go on and on and, I'm not saying any of these apply to Manny Acta, I'm saying we don't know. But there probably was more to it than just losing games.

When things are going badly, the fans want to see a change, and the manager always seems to be the scapegoat whether he really is the problem or not. Maybe the upper management figures the team manager is the easiest to replace. After enough new managers don't get the job done, then they start to look higher. I think it's time to look higher.

I realize when you make a trade or pick up a free agent you never know what's going to happen. Sometimes you look like a genius and sometimes you look like a fool. Just sayin'.

We are on a two game winning streak, let's see if Sandy and the team can keep it going !

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