Sunday, August 5, 2012

Topps Diamond Give-a-Way cards. Half Happy

I had to be one of the last to send for my Diamond Give-a-Way cards. I was trying to make trades right down to the last hour !

Here's what I ended up with.

1955 Al Rosen. A little rough on the corners but it fits right in with my other 55's.

 I actually pulled a different '64 Colt but traded for this one because it showed the pistol on the jersey.

I missed out on the Santana die-cut. That was one I was trying to get at the last minute.

The rest are pretty much self explanatory.Most were very good shape. I was very pleased with what I received.

 I was really short on 75's in my collection. I got a big boost here !

What I am not happy about is the 13 2001 base cards I received.

On the site they had HTA imprints. That's what I thought I would be receiving.

 There is no way I would have paid to have the regular base cards shipped to me.I spent a lot of time working trades for the "HTA" version cards because I need them for my collection. I will be contacting Topps next week but I doubt that there will be any recourse to the situation.


  1. That sucks about the HTA cards. I hope Topps does something. The rest are nice!