Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Behind the lens with Trevor Hoffman

Trevor : Mr. Benny, you know that fictitious interview you presented on your blog?

B.A. : Yeah, I made it clear it was just in fun for a contest over at Nachos Grande.

Trevor : Well, Baseball Dad was pretty upset. He said his mind just went blank on this one. You 
              know, when you get as old as him, things like that happen !

B.A. : I suppose you're right, but what can do to make him feel better ?

Trevor : As you can see from the card above, back in 1997-98 I took a lot of pictures. I have some
              scoreboard photos that shows the Indians really were a pretty good team at one time.

B.A. :  I know about your photography skills, we discussed that in my interview with you. Do you
            have any photos of Cy Young ? BB Dad would probably like those !

Trevor : Hey !! Just how old do you think I am ?  And didn't you say that interview was just " fake, made up, full of it, imaginary, phony, fictional, and all my creation with no input from anybody else including Trevor Hoffman." ?

B.A. :  Well, I ...err,  you know.

Trevor :  Security !!

Thanks for the inspiration B. A.! 

Great post, I think I can concede this round to you !

( My mind really did draw a blank ! )

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