Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hot Dog ! A new found Thome card !

I started back into collecting Indian cards about 20 years ago. I started to specialize in Jim Thome a couple years later and still do today. I pretty much only collect his cards as an Indian though. If I come upon his cards from another team, I save them, but don't actively collect them. I thought I knew about all of his early cards but I didn't know this 1992 issue existed !

This all starts with an item I found on ebay. 1992 Kahn's Weiners Indian team set.

This looks like it could have been a stadium give-a-way but I'm not really sure. Catalogs list some Kahn's as such, but I haven't found a listing on the Indian set. Sometimes they are not classified as "baseball cards" because they are actually playing cards. I still want them in my Indian collection no matter what they are.

The backs of the cards are based on a motif similar to the box design. There is a Kahn's Wiener Mascot wild card and two Slider joker cards.
This set differs from most playing card sets I've seen in that there are different cards in different suits.Usually there are only 13 different players portrayed on each of four playing card suits. All four suits are different in this deck. When there is a duplication of a player, it's a different pose.
The Spades

As you can see, the three and seven are both Carlos Baerga, but totally different views.
The Diamonds

And there he is !
Jim Thome
In 1992, still a diamond in the rough, but he polished up pretty well over the years.
The Clubs

And last but not least,
The Hearts

Well, that was a quick 55 count addition to my Tribe collection.
One of these days I'm going to have to do a running count and see what the total is now.
Someday !


  1. Those are great! I have several Indians as playing cards. I'm going to have to check and see if I have these! If not, I know what's going on my Christmas wish list! :-) Thanks for sharing.