Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First Look ! Bowman Platinum and Panini Triple Play

I had to work until noon today and then stopped at Target on my way home, just to see what I could find, not knowing two new baseball products were waiting for us!

First up, Panini Triple Play.

Seven cards per pack and only 99 cents !

These are obviously aimed the younger set, however, they have that distinctively different quality that should entrance most of more experienced collectors.

I purchased 3 packs and these were the base cards I pulled. There are several different styles but they all have the same basic artsy look. Some have rather unusual expressions and cropping also. Stanton looks like he's ready for some serious brawling and the beard is definitely the focal point on Wilson's card. But what else would be !

The back of the base card features a cropped version of the front picture, a trivia question and a short story covering some of the player's highlights and accomplishments. The typical personal stats and one line of career playing stats finishes the reverse side.

Focus, card #235, appears to be a subset but this time the front of the card has the cropped image.

The flip side has the bigger picture and once again, a trivia question and a short story.

What appears to be, and hopefully is, another subset should be very popular. The arty look has given way to a more painted, portrait style.This series should be sweet !

The no-nonsense back is short and to the point.

Puzzles !

The puzzle cards have regular numbers. The six I got range from # 96 to # 231. Each piece is also individually numbered "X" of 9 so there must be 9 cards of each player featured in the puzzle series... the backs seem to make a larger version of the picture on the front. This is the flip side of the A-Rod and Puhols cards.

Next come the tattoos.

Then the stickers !

And like Topps, Panini now offers collector albums, as advertised on the sticker backs.

And last but not least,  drum roll please, ta,ta,ta,ta,ta,ta,ta.ta,ta,

Real memorabilia cards !!
Wow, who would have thought.

A baseball bat card !

Maybe, maybe not game-used.

Maybe, maybe not professional.

But definitely an authentic wooden, baseball bat chip !

Not a metal chip because, according to the back of the card, aluminum bats don't break.

If you are still with me, you will now see the break down on 1individual pack and 1 value pack of Bowman Platinum.

The individual pack was a slightly darker color on chrome, vinyl? foil.
The three wrappers in the value pack were white vinyl.

The lone Tribe card I got today was this Ubaldo base card.
They are very sharp looking cards.

Typical base card backs with three stat lines.
Career best
Career totals

I do like these, I NEED your Tribe cards !!

These are the remainder of the base cards in the four packs.
I figured I'd show all the base cards as I probably won't be buying any more packs with only four cards each.

There was one base prospect refractor.

And three purple prospect refractors in the value pack.

The refractor cards aren't designated as such, but are slightly thicker with a partial plain border on the front and a glossy back.

There were three base prospect cards.

And two Top Prospect cards to finish off the three packs.

Well, that's my two-cents worth for today !

Most all of these are for trade except Ubaldo and the bat card.

Plus a teaser for Indian and odd ball fans in my next post ! 


  1. Oh my! I love those Triple Play, thats the first time I'd heard of or seen them. They're so different they're awesome!

  2. So you ripped a Triple Play pack, and pulled a Chipper right off?!? I need to be buying from that wax box :D