Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gaylord Perry bobble and a Subway "Club"

August 12, 2012.

A date I will not soon forget.

My son and I went to Cleveland Sunday to watch our beloved Tribe. The final of a 4 game home stand with Boston. We had won two of three so we had at least a split. And that's what we got.

We sat in the right field bleachers and this guy was really bored.

We lost 14-1. That's all I'm going to say.

There was an ulterior motive to be there though.

Bobble head day !
Saturday night, Gaylord Perry was inducted into the Cleveland Indians HOF.
In case you're wondering about the 75 years on the front, the give-a-way was sponsored by "The Jake's" sponsor, Progressive Insurance. It's their 75th anniversary. We actually have their insurance on our home and cars.

In the fall of 1971, Cleveland traded Sam McDowell to San Francisco, for Perry and Frank Duffy. Can you imagine being traded away from teammates Willy Mays, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey and Olando Cepeda and wind up in Cleveland where they lost 102 games the previous year !!

Undaunted, in 1972, Gaylord went 24-16, 1.92 with 29 complete games and won the first Cy Young Award for Cleveland.

One other high note. Before the game, Josh and I were wandering around the concourse below the bleachers. We came upon a gentleman sitting with his family ( I assume !), a woman and two older children. They were Boston fans and, completely out the blue, offered three of their four bobble heads to us ! I politely said "No thanks" and walked away.  NOT !!!  Of course we'll take them !

Are you hungry for Subway ?

I am a man of habit. Not necessarily always good ! I do have a routine I follow almost every day of the year. I get up about 6am. Get ready for work,or the week-end. Go to the local Marathon for a cup of coffee on my way to work or coffee and a breakfast sandwich on Sunday. The Marathon has a Subway franchise inside. The owners, Randy and Karen, are local folks and I've known them forever.They both know I'm a die-hard baseball and Tribe fan.Last week I walked in one day and Karen handed me this :

Cool !!
A deck of Subway Cleveland Indian playing cards !
They got them at a convention a few years ago.
They took them away from their 18 month old grandson.
I just cringed !!  "You did what !?"
"He just liked putting them in the box and taking them back out and then we thought you might like them, and we afraid they would get all bent up."

Well, I went home and found a 2012 Topps value pack box with the nice little pocket inside and filled it half way with a stack of misc. Indian baseball cards and gave it to Karen to replace the playing cards. "Don't worry if they get bent !!".

Randy and Karen are really very nice people and run a terrific and very popular business !

Here are the cards :

Who else but Slider would be on the "joker" cards ?

The same pictures were on each suit so I'll just show the hearts.

Counting down from 10 is Mgr. Eric Wedge.

Jody Gerut
Coco Crisp
Matt Lawton

Omar Vizquel
Casey Blake
John McDonald

3 Ben Broussard
2 Victor Martinez
1 Cliff Lee

Thanks so much for another very cool addition to my Indians memorabilia !!


  1. Cool Perry bobble! I'm a huge fan of the guy. In fact, I've been trying to track down one of his Padres bobbles for awhile now.

  2. My brother and his family went to Cleveland this summer for a game. It happened to be jersey day. They got six jerseys! (it's a big family). They're Orioles fans, so they made a killing on selling jerseys to Indians fans.

  3. Holy cow! Those Subway cards are fantastic! I have never seen those before. Killer addition! Great score on the Bobbleheads, for sure!

  4. Do those Bobbleheads come with Vaseline?