Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gotta' keep ahead of dayf or, Was it worth breaking my Topps set?

A couple days ago dayf was showing off the Chief Wahoo sketch card he sent me. He did a great job on it and I appreciate it very much ! He was also comparing the two of us as having a desk full of trade packages, and he was right. At least about me ! So I'm about to lay it all out on the table, literally !

So take note dayf, my desk is clear !!!

And, was it worth breaking up my anniversary set ?

Yeah,Baby !!

Actually, some of these packages came by way of other trades and group breaks, but most are from trading team sets from my Topps anniversary gift set. You can see dayf's work, middle row, second from the bottom.

Right above dayf's sketch card is a Bob Feller manu patch from Kyle at Juuust a bit outside.
He got a rookie refractor. More on that later.

The two big heads came from a group break via David at Tribe Cards.

The upper right corner lot came from A Cardboard Problem. Marie is always sending me great stuff ! She sent mini boxes from Topps Triple Threads and Topps Marquee ! Of course they were empty ! They're really neat and will go well with my wrapper collection.

The bottom right corner was my take in Thorzul Will Rule's november group break.

The rest is from my team break.

I still have five team sets left for trade :



Kansas City



Don't worry folks, all thirteen trades here will get their own trade post and thanks.

I also have six more trade packages going into the mail tomorrow. So if I owe you something, watch your mailbox next week !

So, keep writing, keep trading and keep having fun !!!


  1. I want Florida Please!!!

  2. Well, that's one way of doing it! :)

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  4. One of the cards from the Cubs set is online: