Thursday, November 3, 2011

They're baaaack. Oh CRAP !!

These things are my downfall.

They have one code card showing and five chances at getting another.

Oh, how I want that Mantle ring !!

It would look so nice mixed in with my 59 other rings.

Are there even any left out there ?

Topps knows I will buy these, even when I shouldn't.

The box is the same color as the devil himself.

Buy me, buy me !!

Well, I had to get at least one.

5 packs of Topps Update, 1 hobby pack of Bowman Chrome, 1 code card and 1 0f 3 Bryce Harper Chrome Refractors.

At least I got a couple Tribe cards !

We were at a game in Kansas City a couple years ago. Seated right above the Indians bullpen.

Lou Marson threw two balls up to us. Earlier in the game, the coach threw two up. So my wife, both sons and I all got a ball that day.

Two Bowman base cards for the Red Sox and Rays.

Two prospects, both for the Phillies. So much for collation.

The Wagner mini is nice.

A Cy Young or Tris Speaker as an Indian would be nicer !

A Kershaw for Night Owl, if he needs it and another Hosmer for Kyle. (he sent me a very nice Feller manupatch I'll show off at a later date !)

A pair of Dustin Ackleys. A base hit in his first MLB at bat and hit safely in 17 of his first 20 games. Not a bad start.

The sweet swing of Maris, without any enhancements.

Three sparkly sparkle cards of three sparkling players.

The top one being the booze card.

And #BCE 1, Bryce Harper refractor.

I did get one other code card, but neither gave a Mantle ring or a die-cut Carlos Santana!

Maybe the next box .. or the next... or the next....


  1. Do you want to trade the Harper?

  2. Michael Young shiny???

    I'm glad these have the Bowman Chrome cards instead of Heritage. I'm much less tempted to buy them. I did buy one and got three codes out of it.

  3. Kyle, I'm hanging on to the Harper for now. I want to see if I can get the other two.The diamond duos will be on it's way to you with the refractor early next week.

    PATP - are you saying you need the Diamond Sparkle Young ?? It's going into your pile !