Sunday, November 6, 2011

I know it's basketball but .....

I've mentioned this before.
I love going to thrift stores.
You never know what you might find.
It could be Goodwill.
It could be Salvation Army.
Yesterday, it was Volunteers of America.
This is my wife's favorite thrift store.

This is a 5x7 picture frame I picked up.
I wasn't looking for picture frame.
I didn't need a picture frame.
But they always have plenty of them and I usually look them over.
I did find some nice baseball prints once at Goodwill.
Whoever priced this frame must have been busy talking with a co-worker, daydreaming about the night before or just not paying attention.

Maybe they didn't look to closely at this label on the back.
2004 auction.
Red Cross.
Charity auction ? Probably.
What do they get at charity auctions ?
Donations from celebrities and sports stars ? Sometimes.

This is a very nice little frame. Looks like oak, glass front.
At the front of this store they have a glass case, in a corner with shelving behind it.
That's where they have all the neat things that they think are collectible and people will pay more $$$ for them.

Why this frame wasn't there I'll never know, but I'm glad it wasn't !

Now, I realize Jason Kapono is not a huge NBA star. He is, apparently very good at 3-pointers, but has played for several teams and is currently a free agent.
But this is a FOX Sports Net, Cavalier's Autograph note page with his signature on it. And his rookie card to boot !

I didn't clean the glass yet so you could see the little blue 90, written in crayon or grease pencil or something, on the glass front.

That's what I paid, 90 cents !! For less than a buck I got a framed Cavs auto with his rookie card!

Yeah, it's basketball, I collect baseball, but I couldn't pass this up !