Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack ! Baseball Edition

Could you pass this up ?

How could anyone pass this up ?

With words like "Ultimate Super Jumbo" ?

Well, this is one of the latest repack options. Dollar Store style. 30 cards, in a clear plastic pack, so you can at least see the top card you're getting.
That's what caught my eye. The sepia toned, old timey looking card peeking through the wrapper. I didn't recognize the set that it came from, so I tried to move the cards around inside the pack. Yes, I admit it. I'm a pack searcher ! But all I could see was a small logo in the corner that said something about "Baseball Immortals". Well, now I was hooked. I had to find some more. I found another with Honus Wagner on the top. His head was cut off !! I had to see what that was all about. All in all, I found five packs with these sepia colored cards on top. Were they worth the five bucks ? Well, let's see !

According to the back of the pack, I can send in four wrappers and $3.99 to receive a bonus autographed trading card. Woo hoo! Note, it doesn't specifically say baseball card. I'll have to think about that one.

Here's what got me excited. George Edward "Rube" Waddell. He was a very peculiar character.If you are not familiar with Rube and his antics, you may want to research him a little.

The card is from a Sporting News set produced in 1986. This one is #'d 35/60, of 12,000 Limited Edition sets. The set was issued in conjunction with the exhibition " The immortals ", the photography of Charles Colon 1903 - 1935, at the National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian Institute.

And now, "the rest of the pack".
Mostly what you would expect in a repack.

Quite a variety of sets and years with a few names thrown in that I had heard of before.

I do like the shot of Howard Johnson on his All-Star card.

The " Bagman " ! Not a bad card.

And here's one for my sample collection. A 1995 Donruss Press Proof.

I think the oldest card in the pack, a slightly used 1977 Topps Chet Lemon.

Not really too bad for a buck. I don't know about the packs without a Sporting News card on top though.

These are some of the "highlights" of the rest of the packs.

The other four Sporting News cards.The one of "Headless Honus" was showing and explaining his unusual grip. I would have cropped it just a little more !

Four Tribe cards, including a 1994 Topps Jim Thome ! That was a surprise.

Even some shiny chrome and Orel with a stick ! How about that one Night Owl ?

Arthur Rhodes still in the minors.

Leaf 50th anniversary and Metal Universe.

Finally, Goose with his mustache and Oil Can Boyd, nice shot there.

Well, there you have it. If you could see all the cards, would you have paid $5.00 for all these cards in a stack (150 total) at a card show? I may have, for the Sporting News cards. I can always use more trade fillers too. BTW, anything here is available, with the exception of the Sporting News cards and the Donruss Press Proof.


  1. I wonder if Rube was distracted by a shiny object when they took his photo? I would have still payed 5 bucks for those cards. I think repacks like this are fun to open. Sometimes you get a nice surprise like those Sporting News cards.

  2. Think I have the Hershiser. But I could use that Sheffield "I'm a Brave, but wearing a Dodger uniform" card. One of those sneaky cards that gets past us team collectors.

  3. dang dude - this post may have convinced me to finally buy this similar 'bag o' cards' that my local target carries. i had it in my hands but couldnt quite pull the trigger on it.
    yeh n.o. - you're right about that sheff card.

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  5. Man, I'm gonna stop by local Dollar General and Fred's and pick up some of these dollar packs. Looks like fun pack bustin!

  6. I always love finding little things like this in off the wall stores. One time, I found a bunch of 89 Topps Traded and 89 Score traded sets at a gas station. They sold me the Griffeys for mega cheap! Ok, ok .... yeah, I picked the Albert Belles too (face palm)

  7. LOVE those Sporting News cards! the sepia works really well on those. The Rube and Walter Johnson are best.