Monday, October 10, 2011

Update and help from Fan of Reds

Target finally had some 2011 Topps Update so I picked up three packs. I also grabbed one pack of Topps Lineage.

But before I show you what I got in the packs, I also received a package from Fan of Reds.

He sent this great Albert Belle mini from Topps Lineage.
I really wanted this one for my Tribe collection !

I like the Update wrapper. Three of the big stars of the game today, showing the hustle that got them where they are.

Kimball Champions Ozzie Smith. Not just a mini but a HOF 'er mini.

I have a ton of Toppstown but I just can't seem get into them as much as when they first came out. I do like this McCann though.

Topps 60. Another HOF 'er, Pee Ree Reese. All time Dodger leader and one of only six Dodgers to accumulate over 1000 runs scored.

One red bordered insert out of the three packs. Pretty much on target as they are seeded 1 in 4.

Now if I can just find all the red bordered Indians !

I assume this is the Platinum Anniversary version as I got two of them in three packs.

Definitely a platinum caliber player. Jimmie struck out a lot, but most players with over 500 HR's do.

Hopefully after this year, and the 60th anniversary party is over, there won't be quite so many parallels. Yeah, don't count on that ! As a team collector, I want to have each variation of each player, but it's getting way too overwhelming.

And speaking on Indians.... here's Chris Perez. Our fearless closer, in the All-Star version.

Next up, Lonnie Chisenhall. Our third baseman of the future.

And, speaking of platinum, Carlos Santana. I'm looking for all the rest of the Update Indians. If you have any, let me know and we can work out a trade !

As I said,I also picked up one pack of Lineage. Here's a couple of them.

# TCS 48, Ryne Sandberg cloth sticker.

And a devastating pair from the '60's, McCovey and Aaron.

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  1. I have the Cognac Diamond Chris Perez, and a regular Lou Marson if youre interested.