Saturday, October 15, 2011

A question and a possible group break.

My understanding is, that the base cards in the 2011 Topps All-Star set are just like the retail versions and have no special logo on each card. Is that correct ?

The reason I'm wondering, is because I just received my Limited Edition 60th anniversary set from Topps which has a logo on each card. Actually they are imprinted " FACTORY SET LIMITED EDITION". I want the Indian cards from it but I have no desire to have this set taking up shelf space so I want to offer up team sets to anyone interested. The Indians, Astros and possibly the Angels have already been spoken for. If any one is interested in their favorite team let me know with a comment on this post and I will work out the details. The sets will be FREE, I would only ask for enough money to cover the s&h. I would also consider other Tribe cards in trade, in lieu of the cash. Make me an offer !!

If the All-Star set has a logo on each card, I was going to buy one and break it into team sets also, and include them, at a small amount to cover the cost of the set, about $2.00 per team.

I know some of you hard core team collectors, like myself, have to have every variation (thank you very much Topps for making collecting so difficult) available in the cardosphere.

Let me know what you think and I will get this rolling !

Revision 1

WoW ! I didn't know so many people still read my work !

I'm still researching and waiting for an answer on the All-Star set.

NOTE : I'm sorry I should have clarified this at the begining. This was posted on another blog at one time, but some of you may not know that these cards are not imprinted with 60th Anniversary like I, and you may have thought. At the bottom of the card, right above the curved ribbon with the player's name inside, they are imprinted in silver foil "FACTORY SET LIMITED EDITION". They still have the Diamond Anniversary stamp at the top. If this changes anyone's mind, no problem, just let me know. I was a little disappointed but it is still a variation. I apologize if this is a problem for anyone.

Here's the list so far :

Team List

Baltimore Orioles - 20 cards - Ryan

Boston Red Sox - 25 cards Offy

Chicago White Sox - 24 cards - Jeff Laws

Cleveland Indians - Baseball Dad - 21 cards

Detroit Tigers - 21 cards - Roof God

Kansas City Royals - 24 cards

Los Angeles Angels - 23 cards - on hold

Minnesota Twins - 24 cards - PATP

New York Yankees - 19 cards - Lost Collector

Oakland A's - 16 cards

Seattle Mariners - 24 cards

Tampa Bay Rays - 23 cards - Carl Crawford Cards

Texasa Rangers - 25 cards - PATP

Toronto Blue Jays - 22 cards - Dante

Arizona Diamondbacks - 19 cards

Atlanta Braves - 24 cards - Capt C

Chicago Cubs -23 cards - bluebattinghelmet

Cincinnati Reds -25 cards - Fan O' Reds

Colorado Rockies - 21 cards

Florida Marlins - 21 cards

Houston Astros - Baseball Son

Los Angeles Dodgers -18 cards - Night Owl

Milwaukee Brewers - 19 cards

New York Mets - 22 cards - Joe

Philadelphia Phillies - 23 cards - Dan

Pittsburgh Pirates - 21 cards - NY Hitman

San Diego Padres -23 cards - Rod (Padrographs)

San Francisco Giants - 25 cards - Ike's Cards

St Louis Cardinals - 22 cards - Ike's Cards

Washington Nationals - 15 cards - Julie


  1. I will take the Dodgers, even though these kind of parallels are the worst of the worst.

    Thanks! I'll send you cash, Indians and ... nope, that's it, just cash and Indians.

  2. I'll take the Rangers and Twins from the 60th set and the Allstars if they are different. I'll pay like Night Owl is paying.

  3. You guys are right on the ball this morning! I'm still at work right now. If you want to send cards I'll just consider it a trade and you don't need to send $$$ too ! Unless you just have some extra you want get rid of!!Then just paypal to my email ! I'll put you two dwn for those teams. Thanks !

  4. I would gladly take the Phillies...I would pay to cover the shipping costs no problem. Also, something, something about Cleveland cards.

  5. Hey man,

    I'll take the Red Sox (for CC!) and the Rays. I'll hit you up with some tribers in return.

  6. put me down for all the Bravos..

    hit me up for the details later.

  7. I'd be interested in the Reds! Shoot me an email.

  8. Always interested in Angels. Lets trade again.

  9. Great idea busting this set up for others. I would love to get a hold of the Tigers if nobody else has claimed them.

  10. We're always interested in the Cardinals!

  11. Great idea! I'll take the Pirates, of course!


  12. mets Mets METS!!! I'll see if I can find some Indian goodness to send your way. I'll email you and let you know. Thanks!

  13. Angel in Order - In the original post I mentioned the Angels may be taken. I have to check with someone on them. If he doesn't want them, they are yours !

    NY Hitman - I haven't forgotten. I still have a stack of cards on my bookshelf for you to make up for the HUGE box you sent me. I keep looking for more to add to it. I will put the Pirates in with those and get it out to you !

    Since I didn't exactly pay for the 60th set,(spent a lot to get code cards though!)I don't have to wait until all the teams are taken.I can just use leftovers in future trades. So as soon as I find out for sure on the All-Star set, I will get the cards shipped out!
    Thanks ,and spread the word !

  14. I'll take the White Sox, I'll see what I got for cards to send, if nothing, I'll send you some cash.

  15. I'll take the Padres and send you some indians. I will take the all star padres also if they are somehow different. Thanks

  16. I want the Orioles. I can send you a nice package of Tribers in lieu of cash.... its more fun that way! Send me your address!

  17. Looked all over for your email address so I could ask for your address but can't find it. So shoot me off an email with your address and I'll get my Indians in the mail sometime this week. jccsst1022 at gmail dot com.

  18. Hi,

    I'd be interested in the Cubs if they're still available.

    I have about 50 assorted Indians cards available, so if there's something in particular you want, please let me know.

    My email is Please let me know if you're interested.
    My blog is at