Sunday, October 16, 2011

Group break news - never listen to an old man !!

You know the kind of things they say about old people ? Trust me, they are all true.
Forgetfulness, confusion, check . Gottem' both ! And more.

But before you hear about that, you have to see the results of my trade with Brian, over at PATP and my winnings from his contest.

Hey, you in the back !! No scrolling down to the bottom, stay with the rest of us.

This card was the main point of our trade.

My first orange refractor Indian ! At least I think it is. That memory thing, you know.

Brian also included this beautiful 2002 Ex blue Omar Vizquel #d 088/116.

I definitely needed this one !

Also included was a couple of past and present catchers. Maybe I should say present and past with the way they are lined up. Or they could both be ex-catchers. They are talking more and more about using Carlos more as a primary 1st baseman.We'll see what the winter brings.

Then there was nice auto of Brett Brach. Although I believe he is now with the Padres.

He's an Indian on the card though, that's what matters to me !

And now the Contest winnings !!

Yeah, count 'em, 3 packs of 2011 Topps Shiny Chrome !

Brian, if you're reading this, I don't know if you want to see what you gave away or not,

but here we go !

Pack #1

A Royal RC refractor !! #170 Eric Hosmer

#1 of 2 checklist

# 46 Royal Billy Butler

#207 Ray's Alex Cobb RC (and I just now realized as I'm looking at it, it's the sparkle variation !) My first and only one !

#216 Oriole Zach Britton RC

Pack #2

#14 Adam Dunn x-fractor

#111 Cubbie Marlon Byrd
#185 Braves RC Matt Young

#189 Mets RC Mike Nickeas

Pack # 3

# 175 Twins RC Ben Revere Purple Refractor 349/499

#49 Red Sox Jonathon Papelbon

#57 Rays John Jaso

#208 Angels RC Michel Kohn

You can breathe now Brian, no Rangers !

And now, everything you hear about old people may be true !!

This would be your normal 2011 Topps base card.
Note the Topps logo in the upper left hand corner.

This would be your normal 2011 Topps series 1and 2 Diamond Anniversary parallel.

Note the Diamond Anniversary logo in the upper left corner.

This would be the 2011 Topps 6oth Anniversary give-a-way set parallel.

Note the Diamond Annversary logo in the upper left corner.

Note the "FACTORY SET LIMITED EDITION" silver imprint above the player's name.

This is an example of the team set cards you will be receiving if you signed up for my set break.

Actually, this is an example of a card I'm keeping. Yours will be from the team you requested !!

I'm still waiting for word on the All-Star set as to whether or not all of the base cards have any special logo.

Which brings me to another point.

There are 10 league leader cards in the set, which have 3 players on each card.

I am leaning toward giving those to the team that had the actual leader.

I hope everyone is OK with that.


  1. You should be able to get something good in trade for that Hosmer. I'm glad you liked the Indians and got some good cards in the packs. They put sparkle variations in the Chrome???

  2. I'd love to trade for that Hosmer. I've got a Feller hat logo #d/99.