Monday, April 20, 2009


I may owe the umpires, who worked the Indians/Yankees game yesterday, an apology.The view on the instant replays was not the best angle but it sure looked like the spectators hands were stretched out and breaking the plane of the fence. Maybe not. What has changed my mind ? Two things. The story in the Plain Dealer today has a quote from Trevor Crowe,who nearly caught the ball.He said " If no one is out there, I catch the ball. My glove was over the wall and above it and under the fan that was there." If that is the case it was not interference. There is also a photo that shows Trevor at the top of his leap. His left forearm is stretched out and pressed up against the top edge of the wall.The padding is pushed back indicating his glove may be on the spectator side of the fence. Also, Paul Hoynes has an article about Mark Shapiro's views and a different replay the Indians saw here Home Run . So I do apologize !

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