Sunday, April 26, 2009


Do you hear the fanfare ?

Do you see the balloons and streamers ?

I don't either ! I realize 100 posts is not that big of a deal,but I wasn't sure if I would last even this long. My youngest son, Andy, has a blog called Cardboard Mania . It's currently on hold because of his commitment to college activities, ( no,not toga parties ! he's learning sports journalism) but that's how I discovered the blogging community.I probably should have spent a longer period delving into various blogs before jumping in myself, but as I discover more and more blogs everyday and read what others have to say I have been learning a few things. I also did a little outside research on "What is a blog ?". It seems that no one has a good, clear-cut definition of "blog". Some people seem to think a blog should always contain subject matter to inform and teach the readers something, some say it's just a way of communicating and interacting with others. My 1981 Funk & Wagnalls desk set doesn't even list the word "blog" ! ( I guess it's time for a new dictionary) Webster says : (noun) Short for weblog. A frequently updated website, normally with dated entries and usually with the newest entries at the top.Well, that's good enough for me. It can be whatever you want to be and if other people like it and want to read it, that's fine too.I would like to start concentrating on sports cards and my collection a little more. I still plan to include cartoons because we all need a little laugh sometimes.I also want improve to want lists. I would like to do more trades with today's economy.

Now then,the important stuff !

I do have a free gift for anyone for the asking.Just email your mailing address to There are a couple stipulations : You must like baseball, music and have a cd player. Oh, and the following should NOT respond to this free offer :

A Cardboard Problem ( Marie & Sooz )

Bluegrass Smoke Signals


Dinged Corners

Grand Cards

Ike's Cards

Indians Cards and Then Some

Night Owl Cards

Saints of the Cheap Seats

wait 'till next year

White Sox Cards

I really don't like you guys ! JUST KIDDING , JUST KIDDING !!! Actually you guys and gals are great. I have either sent you cards in the past, traded cards with you, have pending trades or for some other reason I already have your address and your free gift is burning as we speak and will be in the mail soon ! If anyone else is interested let me know!

Thanks to all you "Reader People" (From 1924 , if you aren't reading this, check it out.You have to go back to his original post and start from the beginning to get the whole gist of the story.It's really great reading)


  1. Congrats on hitting 100! As for your contest...I like baseball, music, and own a CD player! I'm curious as to what this is about, but I'm guessing it has to do with baseball and it's in CD format.

    Congrats again!

  2. Congrats on 100 ! I for one enjoy your cartoons and blog (regardless of how one may define it). The word "blog" does not exist in my Websters NEW Collegiate Dictionary copywritten 1973 either. However, I do think I qualify for your contest; liking baseball, music and I do own a CD player. Thanks and Congrats !

  3. Steve and Dubbs, just send me your addresses and you'll be on my mailing list ! Thanks for all the kind words !

  4. WAHOO!! Congratulations on reaching the century mark! And, for once, "need not reply" is actually a good thing! :-)

  5. And good things come to those who wait, so David, wait a few days! Thanks !

  6. Yahoo!! I love free stuff.

  7. Oh thanks. You're some awesome for doing this. I love little milestones.