Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter ! More on Card Collector

I AM still here! I've had a few things to take care of and clear up this week. Now I'm ready for the holiday and the rest of the week-end.

First I want to send my belated sympathy to the family and friends of fallen Angel Nick Adenhart . There is just no way to justify the wrong doing in situations like that. You can take away a license but you can't watch someone 24/7 to keep them off the road. How do you get through to people like that ? I wish I had the answer .

I also want to update my post on the Card Collector ( see below ). I now have 6 cd's sold. I need 4 more people to commit to this project to make it happen. Check out their site and let know if you are interested. Thanks !

I'm also preparing a post on a 400+ card trade with BLUE GRASS SMOKE SIGNALS !!

How do you keep track of your cards ? Do you use The Card Collector or Beckett Collections or some other software ? I would really like to hear your opinions and thoughts on different systems. I'm thinking about buying The Card Collector. David over at Indians Baseball and then some uses it and seems to like it. Two points he brought up were the facts that you can use it offline and it also has a more complete listing of oddball sets than Beckett Collections. You can check it out here : The Card Collector . Normally it is $50.00 for the cd but you can buy a pack of 10 cd's, for resale, for $149.95. I want one, David wants one ( his is an older version and he wants to update ) and my two boys may want one . That makes 4, so if 6 more of you out there are interested let me know.Leave a comment here or email : Baseballdad . I would buy the pack of ten and ship them out to you .I would ask for a payment in advance of $16.50 to cover the cd and shipping. As soon as I have 10 interested parties I will contact each one for payment. Thanks !!

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  1. I might be interested. Right now I use Beckett Collections and I'm pretty happy with it. I don't know anything about Card Collector.

    So I would get all of the software needed for around $16? Are the updates extra?