Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Bunny has come and gone

Easter is an important holiday to me for religious reasons which is why I waited a few days to make this post.Like Christmas, which has a much deeper meaning than just Santa Clause, Easter does too. But there is still the Easter Bunny! My wife found this big yellow bag with all sorts of goodies and she said the Easter Bunny must have left it here for me!

Since there were baseball cards inside I would have to agree. A pack of '09 Topps yielded these three cards. Chipper Jones Topps Town, Roy Campanella Legends and a Reed Johnson that I just really liked with the ivy background surrounding his jump.

An '09 Upper Deck pack contained a gold Miguel Cabrera Starquest and one of my childhood heroes, "The Mick".

But there was more ! An Indians #1 fan pin, Chief Wahoo post-a-note pad, a Tribe capped antenna topper,a baseball theme cube with a note/photo/baseball card wrapper holder clip, and two plastic baseballs apparently modeled after late 19th century baseballs when they used the same ball as long as possible!

The all-knowing bunny also knew of my sweet tooth and my diabetic problem (not a good combination!).A 4" solid chocolate rabbit, Peeps, a bag of Hershey miniature dark chocolate pieces and a bag of York peppermint patty miniatures. All sugar-free !!

I have to thank my wonderful wife, oops, I mean the Easter Bunny, for this nice package.

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  1. Wish you a blessed Easter, and boy am I jealous of that loot the "bunny" brought you!