Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Alright, Fess up, Who did this !!??

A small flat box arrived in the mail today.

It contained this:

I admit I tried to make the picture a little dramatic.
But it is almost 6" high.

Granted, it is mostly commons, but how many times have you overlooked a common card at a show and then got home and discovered you needed it ?

Here are a few samples.

The Sandy Alomar Christie Brinkley is nice.
There was also a Julio Franco in the stack
and I already have Thome.
Now I need Belle, Ramirez, Baerga and Lofton.

There is a really large selection of years and brands of cards
and they are several I know I need and probably more I don't know I need!

So who sent this huge assortment of Tribe goodness?

I'm not telling !

It's not that I don't want to tell.
I don't know !

There was nothing inside or outside of the box to indicate who sent it.

It was post marked in Resaca, Ga.

I'm  not sure but I suspect Jinxo56  from
  Wanted : Baseball Cards

He and I have been discussing a trade.

But whoever sent them, thank you very much !!

I also got a package yesterday.

This one had a return address!

Matt, from   Bob Walk the Plank told me  he had a 2014 Donruss Jason Kipnis.
Of course I said "I'll take it !"

He also thought he may have some Indian game used.
This is what he found.

A really sweet 2002 Leaf Mirror Blue Ellis Burks jersey card.

There was one thing he neglected to tell me though.

The Kipnis card had some ink marks on the bottom.

This was great surprise as Kipnis is one of my favorite players !

If only Donruss hadn't used stickers. 

This would be beautiful on card.   

Well, thanks  Matt and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I have no Pirate auto's or GU cards but I'll find something for you !


  1. Glad the cards arrived safely. No worries on the Pirate stuff.

  2. The box from Resaca was from me, Jinxo56. Enjoy.