Monday, March 24, 2014

Would you laminate your 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle ?

 Or even any other card  ?!

It's no secret that I love Good Will stores.
Over the years I have found some very different and interesting baseball items.

This is one of the real oddball pieces !

Obviously, the card caught my eye first, until I realized it wasn't a real baseball card.
Then, seeing the words LAM- IN-ATE, I had to check it out.
All the time I was thinking " Who would want to laminate their baseball cards?"

The instructions make it much more sensible. The card goes into a pocket and the lamination only seals the edges. Now it does make some sense, as you get get your card back out completely unharmed.

There are four kits in the package and I really want to open it to see if there is anything on the back of the generic card, but I just can't do it !

I couldn't find any information on this item anywhere. Don't know when it was made or how much it cost originally. I paid 49 cents.

Anyone ever seen these before ?


  1. To answer your question: No. To fill you in on some info about the pockets, let's take a journey. I started with "Empire Pencil Company" which led me to Empire-Berol in England. They are now owned by Newell Rubbermaid and market products under the "Berol by Papermate" mark. The person who filed the patent is Nicholas Sfikas. He works for Rochester 100 in NY. They make, among other things, protective sleeves for various media. If you would be interested in contacting him, you can call his office at (585) 475-0360 or (800) 498-1463, though the number from their website is actually (585) 475-0200. So, not sure which to call. Supposedly, you could email if you wanted. :-) That might be a cool interview.

    1. Very good work David ! I started at Empire Pencil but didn't get as far as you did!

  2. Never seen it before. And if I had a '52 Mantle, I might as well laminate it because it would have to be fake.

  3. Have never seen it, but for half a buck, I'd buy one and give it a whirl!