Saturday, March 15, 2014

What do Chipp 'n' Dale and Old Foul Cardboard have in common ?

They both sent me  Tribe cards !

irondequoit36 at Old Foul Cardboard 
                           sent a nice assortment :

Kazuhito Tadano  047/200  Press Proof
Bob Lemon SP Legendary cuts
Manny Ramirez Star Rookie Electric Diamond
Fausto Carmona Chrome Heritage
Dennis Eckersley  Ultra
Manny Ramirez 7-11 Ruby Red parallel

Danny Salazar, hopefully our future star
and another Man Ram !
Chris also sent some 2014 Topps, but he photos got  'lost in space' !

Next up :
Chunter from Chipp 'n' Dale

First a Travis Hafner  Fathead
I have a few of these but not this one.
I also have quite a few to trade if anyone is interested.

 Trever just can't quite seem to make the transition.
Hopefully will turn around this year.

I didn't even know Nick was in this set !
I just haven't been with it the last year or so.

At first I thought, a Padres card ?

Then I looked closer.
Still not sure it qualifies as an Indian card.

Some various rainbows.
Always nice to add these !

And then the Metal !

And more Metal.

I always liked Metal Universe,
although I like the earlier years better

 Last but not least, a couple minis !

Thanks much, to both of you guys, for the great cards !!

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  1. Nice. I've got a wealth of Indians cards thanks to getting them in a group break recently. If you want to swing a trade, let me know!