Friday, March 28, 2014

Tribe Cards From Red Sox Fan in Nebraska

I recently received a nice stack of Indian cards from Metallattorney, over at Red Sox Fan in Nebraska .

Here are a few of them :

2014 Heritage
Ubaldo apparently didn't want to win the
 World Series this year.

The other three guys will  hopefully be around
 to join in the celebration in October !

I'm not really impressed by this set, 
I think it's the yellow background.

But I do want all the Tribe cards !

Especially the state and zip code parallels.
And the two short print Charboneau auto's.

I love to see the colored border parallels too !
It's a long process to get all of these.

The Panini Golden Age cards, I do like.
Especially the image of Lopez flipping the mask and getting ready to make a play.

Thank you very much Metallattorney,
for the great Tribe cards !

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