Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trading Time - Mark's Ephermera and Infield Single Cards

I'll try to get this one right.

I was very politely informed that my last trade post was in error.

Old Foul Cardboard sent some 2014 Topps cards that apparently got lost on my desk. He says the cards I posted were not from him !  I'm working on getting that straightened out.

Meanwhile I'll try this again !

Mark from, Mark's Ephemera,  send a PWE with a couple Fleer cards.

These are from the 1994 Extra Bases set.
The cards measure 2 1/2 x 4 11/16 so they are awkward to store, although, 6 cards fit nicely in the bottom two rows of a standard page. There are 16 Indians in the base set #'s 55-70.
I still need 56,58,59,61,62,64,67, 69 and 70.
(in case you have any odd ones lying around !)

Thanks Mark, for adding these two.

The next PWE is from Jeremy, at Infield Single Cards.

First up, three innocent looking Steve Olin cards.

20 years ago yesterday, Jim and fellow pitcher Tin Crews
 died in a tragic boating accident during spring training.

The 1992 Fleer card I had.

The 1992 Topps Gold I needed !
(I had the Gold Winner's version, but not the base gold)

 I have the 1992 Upper Deck, but wait, as I flip the card
 over, this is a gold hologram  version, 
found only in factory sets !

I'm now down to needing only 18 of 67 Steve Olin cards !

So this PWE is looking pretty good so far.

Next a couple Jim Thome cards.
I do have these two from the beginning of his career.
But it never hurts to have more Thome cards !

Now it gets more interesting !

Four Auto's I did not have !!

2003 Bowman Jeremy Guthrie, on card, Signs of the Future
2010 Panini Joe Gardner Extra Edition 637/819
2010 Bowman Brett Brach
1996 Leaf Wayne Kirby, on card

Technically, the Wayne Kirby is a Dodger card.
But he is in an Indian uniform !

Thanks for the great cards Jeremy !!


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  1. Glad the tall boys found a home. Very nice cards from Jeremy.